The classic

Scale ice machine
FUNK EasyClean® type F

The classic

Scale ice machine
FUNK EasyClean® type F

Ready to plug in, compact with integrated refrigeration unit and variable in capacity from 160 – 6.000 kg in 24 hours individually adapted to every requirement.

The modified version

Scale ice machine
FUNK EasyClean® type FG

With fully encased stainless-steel frame and mobile buggy ice cart for more space and hygiene during ice production until removal.

Our extras

standard & optional

Simply a clean thing

FUNK EasyClean®

All FUNK scale Ice Machines dispose serially and without surcharge of the patented easy cleaning principle FUNK EasyClean® and fulfil the international HACCP standards. Thanks to the openable front-lid all parts of the machine that need to be cleaned are easily accessible. All our ice makers are DVGW compliant.

Everything under control

Cool control

Programmable timer, automatic residual water drainage after one hour, gear overrun for the evaporator drum, timer operation, manual operation and error message makes scale ice production easy.

Effective germ reduction

Ozone disinfection

The disinfection in the water inlet achieved by pure ozone. Existing microorganisms are neutralized quickly and safely. The control unit reliably indicates the status of the ozone hearts. In addition, the system has a potentiometer that allows the amount of ozone to be regulated if necessary.

Water must flow

Automatic rinsing

Thanks to the control system, the rinsing of the water tray can be individually integrated into your production processes. Thus, the combination of manual cleaning with FUNK EasyClean® and automatic rinsing creates an optimal hygiene standard in your ice production.

Ice transport

Supplementary products

The professional


Extensive insulation and the hinged lid protect the scale ice from heat. The ice caddy runs on two fixed and two swivel casters (one with brake). The melt water is collected underneath a shelf and drained by means of an outlet valve. Depending on your needs, you can choose between 120 or 200 l load capacity.

The flexible


A manoeuvrable small container ideal for handling scale ice during production. The ice-buggy is double-walled with a solid PUR core and a high insulation value and runs on durable nylon wheels with stainless steel axles. Melt water is drained by means of an outlet and plug. With 200 l load capacity, the buggy is your competent partner.

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